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Choosing the right components for your car can be difficult. With so many options available it can seem daunting. We have hand selected our top choices using vintage or modern technology. Working together, we will make selections based on how you want to craft your driving experience. 


The sections below will give you an idea of how you can start your journey. From the chassis to the steering wheel, this is where you can begin to craft the story your car will tell. These are just a few common options but the sky is the limit. Dream big.



Just like the bones that let you stand, the chassis of a car is the foundation for every build.  The bones dictate the possibilities for suspension, brakes, and even body modifications as well as ride quality and characteristics.  How you want your vehicle perceived can help dial in the perfect stance.  Whether you want to build on factory, OEM technology, or start with a fully custom made to order 3-tube frame, we got you.



What exactly does the beat of your own drum sound like?  It's completely up to you whether a blown 427c.i. tickles your fancy, or maybe an LSA donated by a modern Cadillac.  Along with brakes and suspension components, the powertrain options all work in unison with the powertrain to create your tailored driving experience.  



Where the devil lives.  When it comes down to the details, every car is different, based on driver design requirements and specifications.  Do you want your classic car to out-perform your modern day daily driver, or act like a time capsule of generations gone by?  Sure, we can do either from technology to performance.  We can hide altercations within original styling or make it stand out with custom features.  Icing on the cake.



We're very proud of our paintwork, and we're one of the only shops around that stands behind it to the best of our ability.   Using only the best products and techniques allows for the best finish not only the day you get it back, but years down the road.  Paint is part of the first read any time your car goes out for a drive, why cut corners when everyone's looking?


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