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Building cars means so much more to us than it may to others. It encapsulates the raw grit poured into the crafting of old Detroit steel, the fiberglass of St. Louis, and the handcrafted element here in Erie, Pennsylvania. It's the birth of an entire driving adventure that can still make man and machine feel together as one.  It's the feeling of being empowered by ample amounts of horses from under the hood, the solid feedback of shifting gears, and the rolling through the apex of a turn. Building cars to us is sculpting an entire experience every time you grip the wheel. If you had all of this in mind when you heard we build cars, then yes, we build cars.


Vintage Modified is a unique combination of experience, taste, and forward thinking in the same package. It's a mesh of young and old, fresh yet authentic, old-world craftsmanship with modern problem-solving.  


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